Get my Birthday Outfit Look

 Shirt – Sonoma (last summer) // jeans – Cowgirl Tough // boots – Durango (type in FFACHAPTER to get $50 off) // necklace – Duck & Dressing // Belt Buckle – Won showing Cutting Horses! // Sunglasses – Extreme Sports Scuba

No… I’m not a fashion blogger. Far from it. I like to read fashion blogs and see how unfashionable I actually am. But when I woke up yesterday and realized it was my birthday, I decided that I wanted to dress up. Everyone commented on how I was “dressed up” too, so I decided to share my look with you in case you want to be “fashionable” just like me :).

So what did I dress up to go do? Well, ride horses of course! And get a good start on Chores for my dad.

Watch – Fossil – Men’s John Deere Brand
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Happy Birthday

Today is my 33rd birthday. I’m struggling with that number. While I’m happy that I am on this side of the ground, I’ve always heard that your 30’s are better than your 20’s. I mentioned that to my dad yesterday morning and he said it’s all in perspective. Perspective… Okay. Well if it is about perspective, I’m going to make 33 goals for this year. I did a 101 in 1001 project once upon a time. 1001 days is a little longer than a year (as in 2.75 years) and I wanted something a little more specific to my 33rd year

Item Started Completed

  1. Try a new restaurant, average 1 a month for the year (4/12 new restaurants)
  2. Find new local owned restaurants in Joplin.
  3. Explore Route 66 in this area.
  4. Travel to 8 states. (6/8) (KY, IL, KS, OK, TX, AR) 
  5. Get this blog up and running.
  6. Have 250 followers on my Blog Facebook Page. (60/250)
  7. Sell our Home.
  8. Build a New home (or at least start on one whether build from scratch or buy)
  9. Complete my branding and portfolio.
  10. Find a job.
  11. Become a travel blogger (sometimes if you can’t dream big).
  12. Pay off my car.
  13. Go strawberry picking.
  14. Enter a photo contest.
  15. Complete another 365 project.
  16. Try new food.
  17. Get published.
  18. Write a book.
  19. Stay the night in a new hotel.
  20. Visit the haunted hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  21. Go SCUBA diving on a group trip that isn’t the lake.
  22. Help with the 2017 Trails for Kids.
  23. Pay off debt, become debt free if possible.
  24. Attend a horse race.
  25. Attend the BI in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  26. Attend the 2016 NCHA Futurity in Ft. Worth, Texas.
  27. Kayak the strip mines in Southeast Kansas.
  28. Work with companies to promote their product.
  29. Have this blog acknowledged on a higher level.
  30. Show at NCHA Day
  31. Use a gift certificate I won to ride with horse trainer Cara Brewer.
  32. Be willing to say “Yes.”
  33. Live life to the fullest.


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National Lasagna Day

Did you know that July 29th is National Lasagna day? Well if you didn’t, I’m glad you came to see me today!

So originally Lasagna was so named because of the dish that this baked casserole was baked in, however it has evolved into the dish we so commonly know as Lasagna.

Lasagna noodles tend to be large flat noodles that you boil before you place in the baked dish. Now days though there are even noodles that are “no boil” lasagna noodles.

So I guess what I’m trying to tell you is, Eat Lasagna Today!!!

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Chili’s {Joplin, MO}

Starting this out it seems like all I am able to write about is food posts, but I promise this blog will be more than about food! My mother is kicking butt at loosing weight so when I am with her we choose restaurants she’ll be able to eat at. I really should take cues from her, but that’s another post for another day. One restaurant she can find things to eat at is Chili’s and we recently got one in Joplin. By the way, does that make you want to sing the Baby Back Rib song that used to be their commercial theme song? If it didn’t, but it does now, you’re welcome :).

In the last two weeks I have been out to lunch with my mom and we have wound up eating at Chili’s. This particular day I did their lunch special. You pick between a house salad with choice of dressing, their new Fresco Salad, Chili or Soup, and your entree. As you can see I went house salad with Ranch dressing and the 2 Big Mouth Bites.

If you read the regular menu, the option is 4 Big Mouth Bites. It says they are supposed to have bacon, cheese, and grilled onions. I really wasn’t sure that day if I got any bacon or not. I never pulled the lid off my burger to see, but still I didn’t really taste or see it with the top on my bun. They were good though.

The other day I was there, no pictures, but I got the Ultimate Bacon Burger. It had double bacon, cheddar, pickles (which I took off), Red onion (which I took off), tomato, Jalapeño aioli (that’s mayo), Buffalo sauce, & Honey Chipotle sauce. While this burger was friggin awesome, I felt like the buffalo sauce &/or the Honey Chipotle sauce over powered the burger and I never tasted the jalapeño aioli. Oh, it was messy too but sometimes that means good!

One thing I noted… I was looking through the menu the second time we were there. I glanced at the lunch specials and then dove into the regular menu. I noticed one of the salads (I can’t remember which one) was the same price whether you ordered off the lunch menu or the regular menu. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the same size if you ordered it off the lunch menu because usually lunch is smaller portions and cheaper, but the price wasn’t any cheaper… $9.99. Just makes you wonder.

I do have a tendency to look between lunch menus and regular menus to see if there is a difference in prices/sizes, etc.

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Four States Farm Show {Pittsburg, KS}

So did you have the opportunity to attend the Four States Farm Show held in Pittsburg, Kansas, July 22, 23, & 24, 2016? If not, you missed out on a great opportunity.

I had a friend ask me why would you want to attend the farm show? All that new equipment is more than I could afford. My answer was, It’s so much fun to go look at the new innovations in the field of Agriculture. It is fun to see the direction that the world of agriculture is headed as well as to climb all over a $250,000 John Deere combine. That right there makes it worth all the heat and sweat to attend the farm show.

And I must admit, I knew it was Farm Show Weekend because for whatever reason, every year that the farm show is held, the weather is astronomically hot!

As we entered the farm show grounds one of the local hospitals (I think it was Via Christy) was offering sunscreen and hand held fans to patrons. Then you were free to wander. There were booths set up by local John Deere dealerships, Case IH dealerships, local coops, the Kansas Beef Council, Farm Talk, Tornado safes, and so much more.

The best part of this is to walk around and learn about Agriculture. This is a great place to go if you have questions because these people are trained in their fields and they will be very knowledgeable. And something to think about… Vegetarian or Meat Eater alike, you’re life revolves around agriculture and farming practices no matter what. If it weren’t for farmers, you wouldn’t have food.

So if you’re interested in Next Year’s Farm Show, mark it on your calendar now! July 21, 22, & 23, 2017

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Red Robin… YUM! {Springfield, MO}

Yesterday my mom, daughter, and I went to Springfield in search of clothes. Sounds like fun right? Well sometimes you need clothes when going on a job interview.

We got to Springfield around 11:30, which is lunch time! So we discussed where we were going for lunch. Since we were headed to Battlefield Mall and it’s at Glenstone and Battlefield, we decided to eat at Red Robin (3720 S. Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO). I’m so glad we did too!

When did they decide adults don’t need coloring pages like kids do? I sometimes have more fun coloring than anyone.

This is a kids Cheeseburger with french fries. It must have been good because my little bug ate almost every bite.

I went with the Southern Charm Burger, Medium Well. It is a black Angus patty glazed in Brown Sugar topped with Candied Bacon, honey BBQ Sauce, sharp Cheddar, caramelized Onions, and mayo on a toasted Ciabatta Bun with a side of Garlic/Parmesan fries. Um… hello YUM! And sadly I got bbq sauce on my shirt too. Woops. Good thing I had an undershirt on that I could go around in all day.

My mom has been working on losing weight and kicking butt at it. It was handy that they had a lower fat/no carb version. She got a Turkey burger with tomatoes wrapped in a lettuce wrap with a side of steamed broccoli. She was pleasantly surprised and very happy with her choice.

Make sure if you like a good burger to check out Red Robin, YUM… They should change that to their official name.. haha!

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Springfield Cardinals at Hammons Field {Springfield, MO}

One of the exciting summer sporting event activities around happens to be a Springfield Cardinals Game located at Hammons Field in Springfield, MO (955 E. Trafficway Springfield, MO).

So who exactly are the Springfield Cardinals? Well, they are a Double-A Texas League affiliate of the 11-time World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. They are owned and operated by the St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball Team located in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2012 they won their first Texas League Title.

Tickets range from $7 to $49 dollars per seat depending on seating location. This particular game we were able to eat in the Red Bird Roost which included seats and all the food you could eat (hot dogs, enchiladas, bratwurst, fruit, popcorn, and Coca-Cola Products.

The best news is children 3 and under are not required to have a seat as long as they sit on your lap. Children that need a seat, buy a ticket.

Summer is hot. Everyone wants and needs to stay hydrated. Good news, every person is allowed to bring one bottle of water in per person.

The Springfield Cardinals have been located in Springfield at Hammons Field since the 2005 Baseball season. Prior to that, they were located in Sevierville, Tennessee under the name of the Tennessee Smokies.

This particular game was the Springfield Cardinals versus the Arkansas Travelers. We lost 7/4 against the Travelers. In the Texas League:

  • Arkansas Travelers feed to Los Angeles Angels located in North Little Rock, AR
  • Northwest Arkansas Naturals feeds to the Kansas City Royals located in Springdale, AR
  • Springfield Cardinals feed to the St. Louis Cardinals located in Springfield, MO
  • Tulsa Drillers feed to the Los Angeles Dodgers located in Tulsa, OK
  • Corpus Christi Hooks feeds to the Houston Astros located in Corpus Christy, TX
  • Frisco RoughRiders feeds to the Texas Rangers located in Frisco, TX
  • Midland RockHounds feeds to the Oakland Athletics located in Midland, TX
  • San Antonio Missions feeds to the San Diego Padres located in San Antonio, TX


And that my friends is something to do on those sultry summer nights. Hope you enjoy!!

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Habaneros Mexican Grill {Joplin, MO}

A couple friends of mine started talking about this Mexican restaurant that we needed to try that was in the old KFC restaurant. I asked my mom if she knew where the old KFC restaurant was and she wondered if it wasn’t Habeneros Mexican Grill (2526 E 7th St., Joplin, MO), but we weren’t for sure. Then our friends verified, so we knew that we had to go try it.

One day after an appointment I had to attend, we met up and had lunch there. I got their Speedy Gonzalez. An Enchilada and a Taco with rice or beans. Obviously I went rice and got a Cheese Enchilada with cheese sauce. Let’s just say YUM!

My mom got fajitas. I didn’t take a picture of that. She really enjoyed them. So from the raves I’ve heard from our friends and trying first hand, I’d definitely say if you want good Mexican Food, give it a shot!

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Cave Gang Pizza & Pub {Carthage, MO}

Here lately there has been a lot of hype about a new pizza place in Carthage, MO, called Cave Gang Pizza (910 S. Garrison Ave, Carthage, MO). Friday night after the fair, we decided to go try it out.

This is a wood fire pizza joint and let’s just say YUM! The atmosphere is really something to be reckoned with. The story is that the building is built over an underground cavern. There was a group of boys called the 10th Street Cave Gang and they would go into the cave and leave trinkets as far back as they could travel.

Since then the building has had many different purposes and the cavern has been closed off for public safety. Now, the building is the home of Cave Gang Pizza for diversity to the Carthage eating joints.

Initially Mark and I were going to order 2 small pizzas but our server told us it was cheaper to order a large and have it split. We were sold.

So one side is a Chicken Bacon Ranch. Chicken, Bacon, Flaked Parmesan on a Ranch Base.

The other half of our pizza was the 10th Street Special but Mark thought it should be called everything but the kitchen sink :). Beef, Chicken, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon, Bell Pepper, Onions, Black Olives, Tomatoes, Spinach Cauliflower, Red Sauce with a perfect cheese blend. We thought the cauliflower was an interesting addition but upon eating the pizza, YUM! It was good.

Mark liked the 10th Street Special better while my favorite was the Chicken Bacon Ranch. Different flavors for different folks :). I would say we will be going back and trying other flavors. My next choice will be The Pigfeather Alfredo :).

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