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Usually I stay pretty quiet when it comes to politics. I have my beliefs, my opinions, my viewpoints. There is really only one person I’ve ever met that I do everything in my power to get them riled up about politics and sadly I do it for fun. Yes, I get a kick out of getting him riled up about politics. And it works every time. And sadly I’ve put this person in their place more than once. I play devil’s advocate to them about pretty much everything, even if I totally agree. Again, I kind of get a kick out of it with them, but otherwise I keep quiet.

Politics and religion are areas that get real heated real fast and can cause people to hate each other. Just look at this past year on Facebook… WOW! I’ve seen more hateful comments directed toward people with different opinions than I think I ever have before. I get standing up for what you believe and even for trying to persuade someone else into believing how you believe, but sometimes you have to agree to disagree, because at the end of the day you’re either going to be friends or you’re not. If you’re not, you definitely won’t get someone to see something in a different way and if you are, don’t ruin a friendship over stupid hurtful comments just because you believe different things.

I have been friends with a lot of people who have different opinions than I do. Be a good listener. Hear them out. Nothing says you have to agree with their point of view, ever, but sometimes it might just expand your thinking and make you more solidified on your stance. Take a lesson from the show Last Man Standing… get into a heated debate with someone with different beliefs than you, but… take the opposite stance than you currently are at. So if you’re Conservative, debate for the Liberal. If you’re Liberal, take the Conservative side. If nothing else, you’ll do research and find out how you really feel about an issue and see it from both stand points.

This was a hard election. I am 33 years old. This is my 4th presidential election. I was old enough to vote during the election where George W. Bush was elected for a second term. Then both of Barack Obama’s winning elections and now the Donald Trump Election. That makes 4 elections. I was only 17 the first winning election for Bush. I have to say this is the most heated, most hurtful election I have seen yet to date. Maybe that’s because so many more people are on social media than ever before. Maybe topics just got more heated. Maybe….. the possibilities of the reasons are endless. But this is the most hateful election I have ever seen.

Obviously I wasn’t around in the 1800’s but from what I learned in text books at school, you know, the things they want you to know… I feel like our country is about as divided as it was when the Civil War broke out. There again I don’t know. It’s just a thought that crossed through my mind the other day. I remember in 2001 when the World Trade towers were hit and our country came together and mourned the losses as a whole nation. In the last 15 years, we’ve been split so bad that it is almost like we’re multiple nations. Everyone attacks everyone and that’s not okay. We are the United States of America even if we disagree on certain topics. Agree to disagree. That’s what makes our country great. So many different people with so many different opinions and ways to keep it great that it works.

A friend shared a post on Facebook where the gal talked about how Everything will be okay. She posted it the morning of the election and then went back and added/edited some thoughts after the results were announced. You can read her article here.

I agree, Everything will be okay. The good thing is there is that thing called checks and balances so while the president does “trump” (pardon the pun) things… it has to make it through the house and the senate. Currently it is a heavy Republican Congress right now but…. not all Republicans agree with everything Trump stood for. They may agree with this but not that.

Then there are those under the table deals that happen. Sad but true. While they made it known that Trump had nothing to gain from third party people, there are those in Congress that do have things to gain from special interest groups. Those lobbying special interest groups still “slip money under the table” to get someone in Congress on their side and those people report to the president. New laws, new amendments, etc have to go through the house and the senate before they cross across the President’s desk. And another thought…. no president can undo or redo or do everything in 1 day, sometimes not even in 4 years. It took a 2nd term for Obama Care to finally make it in place for example.

Some things people won’t agree with but that’s the case with every president that has ever been in power. So sometimes it is okay to agree to disagree. That’s what keeps us all on our toes and striving for better.

I’m going to quote a friend’s comment on Facebook, “No matter who you voted for, or if “your candidate” won [or your candidate lost], everyone who voted should be proud. You should be proud that you live in a country that allows your voice to be heard. GOD BLESS THE USA!”

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