Solstice Quilt – Block 3 & 4

I had so much fun making the first 2 quilt blocks that I couldn’t wait to get back to grandma’s to make more quilt blocks. Now truthfully, last Monday we could have made more than 2, but I was kind of crunched for time and I only printed off 2 sets of instructions, also 2 is a good number when trying to keep a toddler kid wrangled.

I really like bright, cheery colors so that’s kind of how I started last week, but I didn’t really have any ideas on what my theme was in fabrics. Truth be told, I kind of don’t like asymmetrical things. I prefer symmetrical things. They make me feel more at peace or something. In the end when this quilt gets pieced together, it will be very asymmetrical. I’m a little unnerved by that, but I’ll be okay too.😜

So I was trying to come up with a way for us to realize that all these different blocks really do go together. That’s when it came to me. My first quilt block was purple and green. The second picked up green and added pink. So I decided that block 3 needed to pick up pink and add a new color and then quilt block 4 needed to pick up that additional color and add a new one. So basically, if there are 2 colors, the second color needs to be picked up with a new color. Does that make sense?

So quilt block 3 actually picked up the pink but added yellow and orange plus purple and green which has already been in the mix. So then when I went with Quilt block 4, I needed to make sure I picked up at least one of those colors to show it moved on.

And if you think you don’t have enough of a challenge, keep a toddler entertained while you’re sewing. Truthfully it’s great and this is what I wanted. A quilt that she helps make that grandma also helps make. Therefore…. 3 generations working on this quilt. Now I’m very sentimental… not all people are, but I sure hope that someday my baby looks back at this quilt and smiles and knows she made this with her great grandma and her mommy. See, I’m sentimental.

When I started on Quilt block 4, I had a few color choices to choose from. I actually picked a piece of material that had yellow and orange, plus it went really well with blue so I got to add another color into the mix. Now my colors don’t necessarily mean we use the same fabric… just color.

So here we are on Tuesday. Monday was a rough Monday and didn’t get any better until I woke up this morning and it was Tuesday…. oy! But can I say that at least for a while we have something fun to look forward too…. Quilting with Grandma on Monday’s.

While digging around at the house I found my sewing bag that had material cut out for a quilt I thought I’d make a while back for Mark with his old army uniforms. I’ll probably start on that once I’m finished with this one… I guess you’ll have to stick around and see. I already gave it to grandma so the bug has been planted 😀.

So here’s Quilt Block 3.

And Quilt Block 4.


png photo name_zps86dee27d.png

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