Solstice Quilt – Block 5

To say this past week has been interesting would be an understatement. Yesterday only added to the craziness. My grandma has a busier schedule than I do. Monday’s tend to be the only day she isn’t busy so we have our date scheduled to work on this quilt. The thing is, I had a bunch of errands to run on Monday. My baby still wasn’t feeling well so I got a drs appointment for her, I needed to return the fertilizer spreader we rented over the weekend, I needed to pick up dry cleaning for my dad, and we wound up having to pick up medicine for baby girl. By the time I got through all of that, it was almost 5pm by the time I got to grandma’s house. Normally we work on 2 quilt patterns per Monday, but being so late, we only had time to work on one quilt block.

I mentioned on one of the other quilt pattern posts that I found all the blocks I had cut out of my husband’s old military uniforms. The day I did that, grandma and I talked about using stars and stripes with the ACU digital material for making his quilt. So the more I thought about it, the color I needed to pull from quilt block 4 to tie in quilt block 5 was blue, so why not use a piece of the ACU digital into this quilt? It has the blue tie in, but also adds some material that has meaning… a piece of hubby’s past. I was sold.

So to add to this quilt block set of directions, you were supposed to have a basket. I did not like the basket idea, so we put the American flag in place of the basket. That way there is the learned task, but it isn’t a basket.
With that said, here is Quilt Block 5.

png photo name_zps86dee27d.png

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