Solstice Quilt – Block 6, 7, & 8

By taking the Month of March to switch my blog over to WordPress, I realized I didn’t share quilt blocks 6, 7, & 8.

Quilt block 6. The day I worked on Quilt block 5 I was running late getting to my grandma’s house. I had already picked out the fabric for block 6 but we ran out of time to sew it because block 5 was a little more tedious so I left the material sitting on top of the pattern when I left. Between that Monday and the next, grandma went to her sewing room and cut out quilt block 6 to save some time so all we had to do was keep me from doing weird things and then sew it up.She confused me on how she laid it out so I almost made it about 4-6″ to narrow. We figured out what I did quickly I ripped out seams, cut it correctly, and then sewed it up correctly. So now I present you with Quilt block 6.

Quilt Block 7 presented its own challenges. My seams didn’t want to match up for the life of me. I really feel like this should have been straight forward/cut and dry but oh no… I had to rip the same seam out multiple times to get it to line up. I’m not sure WHAT I was doing wrong but I was getting frustrated. So much so, grandma had to step in and help. Hey, that’s what grandma’s are good for! And mine is the best! 😬 Okay, so my Quilt Block 7.

Finally, the quilt block that made me want to curl up in the corner… haha… Quilt Block 8. Why would I want to? Well because you know the saying or was it a song, which one of these is not like the other? Well this one is the start of that. I think I mentioned in passing in an earlier post I prefer symmetry. To this point all quilt blocks have been 12″ squares until this bad boy comes along. This puppy is 18″. Then, on top of that I had to learn a new task. How to sew a heart on to a quilt block. The first challenge was, what materials to use. If you can’t tell by looking below…. we got a little wild and crazy. And my hearts aren’t quite the same size as the ones in the directions. I think I had to make a couple of them a little bigger… it has been a couple weeks since I worked on this after all. So with that said, Quilt Block 8.

png photo name_zps86dee27d.png

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