Solstice Quilt Block 13 & 15

First off, let me reassure you I can count. 1, 2, 3, 4, yada yada yada, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15. I promise I didn’t forget 14, except I did. Let me explain. Sunday, Easter, I had my grandma over and we were discussing our next quilt patterns. Friday I went to JoAnn’s fabrics and bought a couple different materials to use in the quilt. We were discussing how to use them and looking at quilt patterns 11 – 17. Eventually I printed off 15, then 13, and finally 14.  We decided to use the Chiefs material I bought for quilt pattern 13. 

After discussing and looking at some of the other pictures that people have posted for their quilt patterns, we decided to make Quilt pattern 15 patriotic. There is already 1 patriotic quilt block in the quilt so why not incorporate another one? Some of the fabrics I chose were Frozen, Minnie Mouse, and Paw Patrol. Those are going to be SOOOOOOOOO hard to get incorporated in, but fear not. We finally decided to use Minnie Mouse on quilt pattern 14. The only thing is, we couldn’t find quilt pattern 14.

As I was printing out the patterns, I was handing them to grandma. Quilt pattern 13 and 15 were TAXING! We were spent. So we decided to call it quits even though I knew we had another quilt pattern, except we couldn’t find it. I knew I had printed it out but for the life of me couldn’t find it. Turns out I left it on the printer at my house. Whoops.

Oh well, like I said, we were so spent after doing these two blocks. The Chiefs one was difficult trying to make sure we got the words and arrowhead in. Then finding some red material that matched and I accidentally sewed the wrong side out and cut up a piece. Finally the patriotic… I wound up having to tear it all apart because I sewed the wrong things together at first. Then we were trying to piece together material because grandma ran out of flag material. Luckily, she found more flag material. I got my pattern sewn together and my lines matched up. Whew… That took us 3 hours to do 2 blocks. Normally it’s about an hour a block. We decided to call it quits but it was a good thing because of that pesky quilt block 14 pattern I left at home.

So I present you with Quilt Block 13

And Quilt Block 15.

png photo name_zps86dee27d.png

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