Solstice Quilt Block 14 & 16

This has been one of my favorite days of the week… if it is possible for Monday to be your favorite day of the week… Every Monday as you know, for the last few weeks we’ve been going to my grandma’s to work on this quilt. Some days are a little trying because try keeping a toddler entertained while you’re sewing. haha! This last Monday grandma was teaching her how to sew by hand. Interesting! I’m not even sure I can do that.

But back to the quilt… I bought some material that probably doesn’t really go with the theme of the quilt but did you know this quilt doesn’t have a theme. I bought Frozen material, Minnie Mouse material, and Paw Patrol material. I was going to try and incorporate them all together but I can tell you… not going to happen. So I went to the website in search for some inspiration on how to use this material I bought that really doesn’t work anyway… That’s when I found it. One of the ladies posted a Mickey Mouse material themed quilt and I kind of took the idea and rolled with it. Instead of using the leaves, I made my own Mickey Mouse head. I still got what I was supposed to get out of the pattern but it does look a little different than what hers does. I made it our own.

The material that I’ve chose for this whole quilt has been from scraps grandma has in her sewing room. I say scraps, some are bolts of material but still I’ve just been piecing it all together. As I was looking through grandma’s material I found red birds. Since there is a huge running joke with my mother about red birds, I knew I had to incorporate that material into this quilt. So that’s just what we did… one block is dedicated to red birds.

So with this I present quilt block 14 (you know the one I forgot on the printer accidentally)

And quilt block 16.

I’ve been placing these quilt blocks in the order they’re supposed to be sewn. Grandma’s spare bed isn’t hardly big enough to hold it all. I’m not sure I’m liking quilt block 9, the blue/orange one. I may have to redo Block 9, but we’ll see.

png photo name_zps86dee27d.png

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