Banana Pudding Poke Cake

Yesterday was the 1st Thursday of March. That means that it was Dive Club meeting. It was also National Banana Cream Pie Day. Here recently I was reading through the March 2017 Southern Living Magazine and ran across this Banana Pudding Poke Cake recipe. It looked phenomenal. I decided that Banana Pudding and Banana Cream Pie are similar enough, it counts so I decided to make the cake for Dive Club. Can I just say, I’m glad I did…. WOW!

They also had a little information about Poke Cakes which I found really interesting and want to condense down and share with you. I loved the opening 2 sentences: “Most cake names don’t include the punch line. But yes, true to its name, a poke cake is a cake that is punctured with holes–on purpose.” Hey that’s pretty cool right?

Usually once the cake is punctured, then the baker adds something sweet over the top that will seep into those holes and add to the richness of the cake. The intent is to infuse a lot of flavor into the cake to add that extra punch of flavor.

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National Tortilla Chip Day {February 24}

Today is National Tortilla Chip day. How much fun is that? Tortilla chips are made from corn (or flour but predominately corn) tortillas, cut into triangles or circles or any other shape you want, then deep fried (or baked) and wallah… you have a snack. Typically they are either eaten plain or served with dips, but they are also great for making nachos or a taco salad.

Typically corn tortillas are made from corn, vegetable oil, salt, and water, but obviously each recipe maker has their own unique recipe that makes them taste just like they want. Variations include yellow corn, white corn, blue corn, and even red corn. Each of those corns give the tortilla chips their own unique flavor.

Usually Tortilla chips are associated with Mexican food, but the mass production of them is credited back to the 1940s and Los Angeles California.

These snacks have become so popular that they are usually a complimentary appetizer at Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants.

So with that said, and the knowledge that it is National Tortilla Chip Day… Go out and grab a tortilla chip! Top it with topping of your choice and you’ll be set!

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What to do in Paducah, Kentucky Every Other Thursday during the Summer

After we ate dinner at the Italian Grill on Broadway, we decided to wander down the street and see what this part of Paducah had to offer. Our final destination was the Ohio River (about 8 blocks or less).

The history of Paducah caught my attention.

I personally love architecture. There’s something about buildings, especially old buildings. I can’t help but imagine the history that they contain, how the people built them, especially old ones, etc.

I’d like to know why it says 1883 and 1999 on the two peeks of this building. See, more history that I just don’t know but would so love to know!

Once you got down to the waterfront, there were these huge murals that spanned quite some distance. 3-5 blocks maybe. There were plaques on the ground that described each mural and told the history of Paducah from the West to the East. I know this because I watched the sun set :).

There was a concert going on down on the riverfront. We were told that all summer long, every other Thursday night they have free concerts to bring people out. There were also vendors set up.

And then there’s the Ohio River.

But the sunset was gorgeous. Sadly I missed it because we were eating dinner but the colors of the sky were gorgeous. I was so mad at myself because I left my “big girl camera” at the hotel (I also complained a lot about that) so all I had were iPhone photos of the sky coloring.

This was toward the end of the mural wall, down by the huge locomotive that was set up on display. By the time we got to the train, it was dark, I’d have liked to have gone back while it was light. So much history and really cool information about Paducah, KY. Things I never knew or even thought to ask.

So if you live in or around Paducah or are on a trip passing through, or looking for a great trip, be sure to check out this town. Looks like a great place full of history. There were even museums around. One was a quilt one and one focused on underwater, etc.

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Recipe: Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

This weather lately has been crazy. One day it’s so hot you can’t stand it, the next it’s cloudy and nice. Then it’s sunny and nice and then it’s cloudy and hot. I’m so confused. I think my cough is too. I’m not sick but I can’t get this dadgum cough to go away. I’ve had it almost a month. A few years ago someone made me take a shot of whiskey and it cleared it up. I’m almost that desperate right now. I must also admit that shot knocked me on my butt and I slept for 10 hours straight. #lightweight

Anyway with the thought that fall is coming, but it is still in fact summer, why not enjoy a fun treat right now… one that makes you think of fall but really screams summer. What is this treat you ask? Well a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, duh! Um… that might be an oxymoron but it’s oh so good you can just easily overlook that fact!

Back when I was in college the movie Serendipity came out. Does that make me old? Anyway, if you’ve not seen it, so the scene I’m referring to. It starts out with them in a department store, they try to buy the same pair of gloves. Then one has to take the other out for a treat since he lets her buy the gloves. They wind up at the restaurant Serendipity and they have the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.

Jump forward a few years (the movie came out in 2001) to 2005 and I got to go to NYC. That trip rocked btw, Thanks MOM!!!! Anyway one of the things I wanted to do on our trip was visit Serendipity. I can tell you that you NEED reservations. Anyway the drink is so friggin awesome, that I went on the hunt for a recipe. This was before people went to the internet for EVERYTHING. Anyway, I found the “Serendipity” cookbook and guess what, it had the recipe I needed/wanted! Score!

I fixed the drink, it’s flippin awesome, Mark and I love it. That’s all!

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (via Sweet Serendipity)
6 Half-oz pieces of Chocolate (your fave)
2 tsp Store bought hot chocolate mix
1 1/2 tbsp sugar
1 1/2 c milk
3 c ice
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Shavings

Chop the chocolate into small pieces, place it in the top of a double boiler over simmering water, stirring occasionally until melted.
Add the hot chocolate mix and sugar, stirring constantly until thoroughly blended.
Remove from heat and slowly add 1/2 cup milk and stir until smooth.
Cool to room temperature.
In a blender place the remaining cup of milk, the chocolate mixture, and the ice.
Blend on high speed until smooth and consistency of a frozen daiquiri.
Pour into a giant goblet and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
Enjoy with a spoon or a straw –> or both!

Trust me, this should be on your summer bucket list. You have a few more days of summer left so hop to it!

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National Lasagna Day

Did you know that July 29th is National Lasagna day? Well if you didn’t, I’m glad you came to see me today!

So originally Lasagna was so named because of the dish that this baked casserole was baked in, however it has evolved into the dish we so commonly know as Lasagna.

Lasagna noodles tend to be large flat noodles that you boil before you place in the baked dish. Now days though there are even noodles that are “no boil” lasagna noodles.

So I guess what I’m trying to tell you is, Eat Lasagna Today!!!

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